SCC Guest Coach

Participants in Soaring Coaches Circle can volunteer to practice their coaching skills as a guest coach and receive feedback on their coaching as they prepare for certification examination.  We also try to bring in guest coaches from outside the community when we can so participants can hear various levels of coaching.  If you are interested in volunteering as a guest coach, please write to and let us know when you would be available.


To sign up for Soaring Coaches

This is a skill building and coaching wisdom community.

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Now for the best part...


My mission is to put as much wisdom and excellent coaching out into the world as I can, so the more coaches this program touches, the better my mission is served.  Therefore, I'm making participation in Soaring Coaches Circle a no-brainer and completely possible for every coach on every budget to participate.

The price for the Soaring Coaches Circle community is just $37 per month.

This is a real bargain for 3 hours or more of skill learning each month plus access to over 6 years of recorded sessions.  When you attend the sessions each month, you are also able to get ICF continuing education credits (most are core competency) and PAAC CACEUs to fulfill your certification renewal requirements.

To stay connected to a supportive coach learning community, obtain CCE/CACEUs, and be able to get feedback on your coaching and/or about client scenarios, along with accessing so many excellent past sessions, you might easily have to pay $50, $75, or $100 a month. But we've kept the price at a very affordable $37 a month.  When you sign up at this rate, you can count on that rate going forward.

Is there some sort of "guarantee" if I sign up?


100% Guarantee Yes, of course!

Go ahead and enroll. In the unlikely event that you are dissatisfied for any reason, a prompt and cheerful refund is available anytime during the first four weeks. You could have attended the monthly sessions and even downloaded past sessions, and if you weren't satisfied, we would still cheerfully refund your $37 during that first month. That's a pretty incredible guarantee!

AND you are receiving your first month's subscription for free while you check us out.


Yes, Barbara, I want to be a part of the Soaring Coaches Circle learning community! By clicking the button below to enroll, I understand that I will be billed $37 per month until I elect to cancel my participation.


I look forward to learning in the Soaring Coaches community with you!


Barbara Luther

Barbara Luther, MCAC, MCC

P.S. Close your eyes for a moment and recapture the dream you had of making a difference, enjoying learning, feeling satisfaction coaching people, and growing your own coaching confidence and wisdom. Fun, right? That's what we'll be doing! Sign up now and don't miss another opportunity to learn with friends and colleagues as passionate as you.