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Finished your coach training and miss the learning community?
Loved the interaction with like-minded colleagues and the stimulation of learning new ideas, coaching approaches, and related new research and neuroscience?
Wish you could steadily acquire continuing education credits toward certification renewal?
Want support, sharing, and inspiration from colleagues to help you focus and stay energized in your coaching practice?

Soaring Coaches Circle is just the ticket!

We recently had a wonderful Soaring Coaches Circle discussion about starting a client strongly in the first month. If you would like to hear an example of the excellent discussions we have here at SCC, I hope you'll enjoy this recording.

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Dear Coach,

If you sincerely want to build your coaching skills, stay connected to fellow learners, keep up to date with conference news and the newest information in neuroscience and coaching, you have a few choices:

  1. You can go it alone and try to keep up as you can (This is the hard and lonely way.)

  2. You can continue to sign up and pay for more coach training courses (This is the expensive way.)

  3. You can sign up for Soaring Coaches Circle to learn in a supportive community that meets regularly, offers continual focus on the core competencies, keeps you up to date in neuroscience and coaching, and invites practice and opportunities to get feedback about current client scenarios (This is the cheaper, easier, and fun way.)

Hi, my name is Barbara Luther, Master Certified ADHD Coach and Master Certified Coach, and I’m the host of Soaring Coaches Circle.

If you already know me, you’ll immediately see the value of what I’m offering here and be ready to enroll. But in case we’re new to each other, let me take a moment to introduce myself.

Barbara Luther Long before Thomas Leonard and Laura Whitworth coined the term "coaching", I learned as a college English instructor that composition and creative writing are most effectively "taught" in a collaborative manner that supports the writer to find his/her voice, message, and style. Creating a fun and safe environment for exploration, I helped students find their voice and gain confidence and pleasure in their writing abilities. It was great fun! When I found Coach U, it was a natural transition into coaching, and I was soon tapped to be a trainer. Since 1997, I've been privileged to train thousands of coaches at CoachInc., the International Coach Academy, and the ADD Coach Academy.

As part of my role as the ADD Coach Academy Director of Training, I developed a comprehensive coach training curriculum which the International Coach Federation (ICF) and the Professional Association of ADHD Coaches (PAAC) have fully accredited. For ICF, I served on the Certification Assessor team for over 10 years, I was the international conference bookstore chair for 7 years, and I was co-chair of the ICF International Conference in St. Louis in 2006. I am also founding president of the Professional Association for ADHD Coaches, a professional organization that distinguishes the qualities of good ADHD coaching and certifies ADHD coaches.

As a teleclass leader, I'm known as a book pusher and lover of ideas. Coaching is my gift. Students love my great language, presence, and learning facilitation. Soaring Coaches Circle gives me a space to use those talents and share what I'm continually reading, studying, and exploring. It's pure joy for me to share new ideas and spark others to apply what they're learning, and I really love the synergy of many minds together. The Circle is also an avenue where I can support participants on their journey toward certification, share conference nuggets and newest neuroscience and coaching knowledge, and offer a space where we can strategize challenging client scenarios that may arise in our practices. The Circle can provide consistent structure and focus on your coaching skill development, and my intention is that it also energize you and your coaching.

Now that you know my story, are you ready to join the Circle community?

Yes, Barbara, I want to be a part of the Soaring Coaches community. By clicking the button below to enroll, I understand that I am receiving access to the Soaring Coaches Circle monthly sessions, all previously recorded sessions, bonus guest coach demonstrations, and more for only $37 for the first month of membership. Then, I will be billed $37 per month for each month I choose to continue enjoying the Soaring Coaches community.

Soaring Coaches Circle is a caring place where you can develop your coaching skills toward mastery, keep up to date in the ADHD, neuroscience, and coaching fields, enjoy support and continual learning with colleagues, draw upon the wisdom of the group when faced with challenging client scenarios, and acquire continuing education credits toward certification renewal.


Once our coach training is complete and we start coaching, we often don’t have enough time to continue to improve our skills, “play” with our coaching, keep up, and stay connected. The Circle community is a playground for learning and enhancing your coaching skills. Beginners won’t get lost and veterans won’t get bored!

Here’s what you’ll get when you join the Soaring Coaches Circle:

  • At least two 90-minute sessions per month
  • Chance to volunteer for certification preparation practice and feedback
  • Focus on core coaching competencies
  • Distinctions between general coaching and ADHD coaching competencies
  • Online digital recordings of each call
  • Access to years of SCC recordings
  • Opportunity to draw upon group wisdom when facing challenging client scenarios
  • Conference coaching nugget sessions
  • Research update sessions
  • Tool, strategy, and model sessions
  • Bonus guest coach demonstrations
  • VIP access to all groups, workshops, and classes

Please Note: Soaring Coaches Circle does not offer practice building.
This is a coaching skill development group.

Now for the best part...

 My coach is urging me to package my information in some kind of high-ticket program or training that sells for $1,000 or more. I'd certainly make a lot of money doing that, but many coaches would miss out.

My mission is to put as much wisdom and excellent coaching out into the world as I can, so the more coaches this program touches, the better my mission is served. It is for that reason that I am not going to charge what I could for this program. Instead, I'm going to make it a no-brainer and completely possible for every coach on every budget to participate.

The price for the Soaring Coaches Circle community is just $37 per month.

Yes, that's a bargain, and there's just one catch.

Even though I want to support the development of as many excellent coaches as I can, I'm limiting membership to 75 because I want members to be able to actively participate. Once 75 memberships have been sold, I will take down the "join" button and set up a waiting list.

Please understand this isn't a ploy. If you want to join, do it before I close the door. Once that happens, you'll have to wait for a spot to open up or for a later offer which may be priced differently.

Is there some sort of "guarantee" if I sign up?


100% Guarantee Yes, of course!

Go ahead and enroll. In the unlikely event that you are dissatisfied for any reason, a prompt and cheerful refund is available anytime during the first four weeks. You could have attended the monthly sessions and even downloaded past sessions, and if you weren't satisfied, we would still cheerfully refund your $37 during that first month. That's a pretty incredible guarantee!

AND you are receiving your first month's subscription for free while you check us out.


Yes, Barbara, I want to be a part of the Soaring Coaches Circle learning community! By clicking the button below to enroll, I understand that I will be billed $37 per month until I elect to cancel my participation.


I look forward to learning in the Soaring Coaches community with you!


Barbara Luther

Barbara Luther, MCAC, MCC

P.S. Close your eyes for a moment and recapture the dream you had of making a difference, enjoying learning, feeling satisfaction coaching people, and growing your own coaching confidence and wisdom. Fun, right? That's what we'll be doing! Sign up now and don't miss another opportunity to learn with friends and colleagues as passionate as you.

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